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At NTS Orthopedics, our patients are our top priority. Please take a moment to read our patient stories, or share your patient experience with us.

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  • I broke my hand in a one car accident with the only thing that was damaged was myself. (Thankfully) I went to the orthopedic urgent care and had it xrayed and Yes! I needed a surgeon to fix it. Honestly, I read the reviews before I made my first phone call. Thank goodness for Google reviews! Everyone has been phenomenal l am so grateful for the reviews! All of the hype isn't just that .. hype! If I ever need an orthopedic doctor again I am calling them! Theverybestoryho
  • Dr Isaac is a hands on doctor who takes the time to explain your plan of care. I have been RN for 47 years and most of those years were spent in the OR. The first time I met him my knee was infected and he point blank told me that he would go in and remove the infected components and replace them with new ones. He also told me if this procedure did not work I was looking at amputation above the knee. For 7.5 hrs he worked to save my leg. Today 12 weeks later my knee is healed no infection and I am walking with a Walker. I am facing another surgery next week to replace the components and construct a Patella tendon to give me a stable, functioning knee. I have great confidence in Dr Isaac, he is super talented surgeon, he is very intelligent and he and I speak the same language, it's call OR orthopedic nurse to orthopedic surgeon. He told he need to come be is OR nurse, what compliment coming from such extremely talented young man. Sadly I had to decline his offer,I told him I'm to darn old to hang with him all today. I highly recommend Dr Isaac.
  • Dr. Isaac and team took care of me!!!! If you are needing a specialist that WILL NOT give up, "DOC" is your man! I had the worst elbow injury possible, and "DOC" would not give up... He refused to settle, and wanted to make sure I had almost full range of motion back. "DOC" was a blessing for me...I'm an active person (hint: GOLF) and he brought me back! "DOC" YOU THE MAN!
  • Dr Isaac is amazing, highly experienced and confident in diagnosis and outcome of surgery. He addressed my husbands hip, knee and infection in days and was able to handle the operation with a sense of urgency. My husband was admitted to ER at Frisco Medical City and we were so fortunate to have Dr Isaac as his Orthopedic MD. Thank you Dr Isaac!
  • I almost don't want to do this... As soon as someone gets great reviews, they are swamped and you can't get an appointment, but at the risk of that...let's just hope we have no more broken bones around here!
    Dr Issac is the most approachable, easy to understand physician I've ever seen. I was a nurse for 30 years and in the OR for 12 of that, so it's saying something.
    He called us, because we missed him when he visited Mom in the hospital with her broken hip. He told us what he saw, gave us our options and then told us what he would do if it were HIS mom. That was exactly what we needed to know.
    Very professional, kind and cared not only that Mom had the absolute best possible outcome, but also cared how it affected the rest of us. His office staff is helpful and friendly and all of that really made what started out as a negative experience (the fractured hip of an elderly loved one) into a giant positive, since the surgery was a breeze and it's a perfect, practically healed joint now, only a couple weeks later. Any more bone issues around here, we'll be going straight to Dr Issac. He's awesome.
  • Dr. Isaac is a very caring a and compassionate Dr. and very good at what he does. He is definately the “fixer upper” dr. After a very messed up knee replacement I am now hopeful of walking without any assistance. I have already recommended him to everyone I know.
    It is a real pleasure to go to his office. Rebecca is a pleasure to work with.
  • I want to thank Dr. Isaac for my recent surgery on my left hip. I had bilateral hip replacement surgery 3 years ago from another physician. I complained to the doctor who did the surgery how much I hurt and he just wouldn’t listen and that went on for 2 years that I was in pain with the left hip. I saw several doctors and finally one doctor referred me to Dr. Isaac and He listened to me. I can’t tell you all but he has changed my life since I am no longer in pain. He explained everything to me and what to expect. I am almost 3 weeks post-op and I can walk with no pain. My family is all truly grateful to him for all that he and his staff Rebecca have done. If you have any orthopedic problems he is the Doctor to go to. Highly recommend and caring. God bless you Dr. Isaac.
    Maria Smith
  • I had the fortune of meeting Dr. Isaac in the ER after a freak accident. He has to be the most caring, responsive and due diligent physician’s that I have met. Dr. Isaac sets the standard for medical and patient care, and goes above and beyond for his patients. Highly recommend Dr. Isaac if you are in need of Orthopedic surgery.
  • I was treated with respect and kindness from the time I first walked in the door.Rebecca and Dr.Isaac greeted me with smiles and answered any and every question I had. The surgery and care was outstanding. My problem was solved, and I continue to improve. North Texas Sarcoma has a friend for life!
  • My best friend has had the best care from Dr. Issac! Replacing your arm due to cancer is scary enough let alone the complications that can occur. Dr. Isaac is hands down the most caring and attentive doctor I have ever met. He not only cared for my friend but he put the rest of the family at ease as well. There is no other doctor we would ever recommend.!
  • Like to give a strong recommendation of the care and expertise of Dr Isaac. I had a unique case with a severe infection in my hip requiring a total hip revision. It has been a journey eliminating the infection and multiple procedures to rebuild my hip. I do not know of any other surgeon who could have provided the care and personal attention Dr Isaac provided during this process. I strongly recommend if you have special orthopedic needs to contact Dr Christion Isaac.
    John Studnicky
  • During our experience with Dr. Isaac was definitely one to remember. At first we were thrown with a serious problem of having a large cell tumor in the left tibia. Dr. Isaac on our first meeting was very professional, and very honest about the condition. This was something that we had not received with other doctors. During the preparation for surgery we were told specific instructions on what we needed to do and he answered all of our questions honestly and thoroughly. While staying in Medical City Frisco, he made us feel important and didn't just see us as "another patient" but more like his fourth child. We had the most amazing experience, despite the tumor, and know that if anyone ever needed help with any orthopedic problems, he would be our first recommendation.
    We appreciate your help Dr. Isaac. You truly saved us and didn't turn down the challenge that came.
    Thank you again,
    Haygen and Lazarae
  • When I was diagnosed with Myxoid Lipo Sarcoma Stage 4, my world was shattered. My right shoulder and humerus were completed infested with this disease. I researched online to locate a Sarcoma specialist, and came across Dr. Christian Isaac’s website. I spoke directly with Dr. Isaac on the phone. From the moment we spoke, he took control of my case with a sense of urgency. He asked that my records be sent directly to him. He then reviewed the documents and images over the weekend, prior to our first appointment. He began working immediately to save my arm, but more importantly, my life. Dr. Isaac’s expertise is off the charts. I don’t know that anyone else would have devoted so much time and effort into making sure I would be able to keep my arm. On top of that, he is the most caring, attentive doctor I have ever worked with. I truly believe Dr. Isaac was heaven sent, and I am so grateful to him. He is the best there is! Thank you so much.
  • Dr. Issac is the best... he performed Surgery on my Wife's lower left leg. He removed a Tumor. She had been dealing with pain from the Tumor since December 2018. It had been diagnosed as an Hematoma. After months of dealing with the pain her Heart Doctor noticed the swelling of her leg and ordered an MRI with revealed a Mass. We were referred to Dr. Issac. We visited him on 6-20-19. He ordered a Biopsy the next day... Rebecca, his Assistant, made a few calls and made it all HAPPEN. Dr. Issac was considerate... he realized we lived in East Texas. The Surgery was scheduled for July 5th. It was successful!!! We returned home after a 3 night stay in the Hospital. Dr. Issac asked me to send him an email daily concerning my Wife's leg drain output...I did. He responded within a few minutes... I couldn't believe a Doctor who actually communicates with his patient's personally? He called my Wife on a Sunday to schedule a follow-up visit!!! Dr. Issac is the best!!!
    He cares about his patients.
    Thank God for Dr. Issac,
    Malcolm and Irritha Toran
  • Very intuitive and a great bedside doctor. Takes the time to review and explain. Came from California to see him.
  • My Orthopedic in Longview referred me to Dr Issac when he had done all he could do for me. I am 74 yrs old and on March 1,2017 I had a horrific 10’fall shattering my femur. After 3 surgeries and lots of therapy I was still living in constant pain and barely able to walk even with assisted device. Being referred to Dr. Issac was a Blessing. My wife and I were so impressed after his explanation of a complex surgery that gave us hope for a better future my surgery was scheduled the following week. Three weeks later I am walking pain free and have a better quality of life than I have had in 2 years. My wife says she will be forever grateful to Dr Issacfor giving her husband back to her.
    Dr Issac you are the Man!!! We will highly recommend you and your staff. Thank you!
  • Amazing doctor, he has taken such great care of my father-in-law. He is a hard case and Isaac has handled everything with the upmost care.

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